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The Naked Hoof
May 2nd, 2016 - Justin Looper - fun

Haunting phone call - Snake in my yard

I had a really haunting experience with snake in my yard last year and now that it’s mating season again, I feel so alarmed. What if I see another snake in my yard? What would I do? Calling a specialist did help me but waiting for him to arrive was a total panic. I couldn’t move, literally! I was so shocked and afraid that the snake would bite so I panicked!


It’s totally terrifying to see a snake of any size and I don’t ever want any kind of snake in my yard at all whether they are venomous or not, the thing is, they are scary looking creatures. These days, snake mating season is the news all over the place. Male snakes are roaming around looking for a mate and they could be looking for a mate in my own yard! This thought always freaks me out. Snake in my yard, are they poisonous?

While some people are fond of snake, I am in fact afraid of them. Knowing garden snakes are not poisonous is a relief but it’s not enough for me to love them. Not that I am snake-hater, it’s just that I don’t like them. I have this big yard where I stay every so often. Having my cup of coffee while enjoying the sunlight gives me the feeling of freedom and staying in my garden is my consolation. However, hearing from the news today, that it’s mating season once again, I suddenly feel like there’s a big snake crawling around loose in my yard!

The wildlife specialist told me, there is no reason to be very afraid of snakes, especially those that are found in the yard or indoor. Usually, this type of snake is not dangerous and they are only looking for some place to stay but I still can’t still imagine living with a snake in my yard, most especially in my own house, NO way! So to help myself recover from fear, I hired snake specialists to snake-proof my house and yard.

How to snake-proof your yard

Starting from my fence, they made sure it’s snake-free and snake-proof by inspecting any gaps on plumbing and pipes — caulking it with sealants. Some big holes are present and they used another type to seal it called foam sealant. On my chimneys, they used some kind of hardware wire where rattlesnake can’t enter. By the way, snakes can enter even on the tiniest hole on a wall so I made sure there is no hole or crack at all before they leave. Drainage is also inspected for possible snake existence.

Second thing to do was to rodent-proof my property. As you may have already noticed rodents attract snakes so to keep snake away, we must keep rodents away also. Attics, garage and cabinets are the most common places where these rodents hide. So, they also made sure rodents or snakes can’t enter by sealing any holes found in my attic and garage using pieces of metal.

It’s also a good thing to know that the smell of a rodent really stinks and it’s very possible that if there is a mouse at your place it also has a nest where other mice dwell. So mouse trap can also be a big help.

Now it’s my turn to do something to keep these rodents and snake away and relieve myself from the anxiety caused by my haunting call last year. Pet foods attract rodents so I made sure I seal my dog foods after use. To keep mice, rodents and snake away I also make sure no left overs are left in the kitchen or sink. Everything must be clean for them not to be attracted. Remember snakes are looking for a place to eat, stay and hide so they use our house as their shelter and if we allow them to do that, they would stay forever; the same thing goes with other types of creepy-crawlies.

Keep garden clean- this is the most practical way of keeping the garden snakes away. My garden is my sanctuary and it must always be attractive in my sight but never for the snake to thrive. I threw the things that I no longer use in my yard such as files of rocks because it could serve as a habitat for snakes, frogs and rodents. I keep the shrubs and grass short to maintain the beauty of my place—keeping all that are necessary and throwing all that can help attract reptiles. Garbage is always in place and with lids to keep rodents and other insects away.

What to do if you have a snake in your yard

I can’t imagine how snake would be able to still find a way to come in to my yard this time after all I have done. But if in case I find one again this spring, at least I am ready and will never panic again. Here’s what you should also be doing when you encounter one at your place: Don’t shoot the snake, the best thing to do is to back off in a safer place while allowing the snake to move away, snakes first reaction when they are disturbed is to move away so never try to kill them or hurt them because if they are hurt, they get a little too aggressive so protect yourself, your kids from the bite and protect the wildlife—behave as an adult and learn to respect the snake.

It is also best to know the types of snake so that it wouldn’t be so difficult for you if you encounter any this mating season. You can call wildlife control or police department to know some more about the different types of snakes. But to give you some relief, those that are found in our yard or houses are not dangerous, however it is much safer to keep the snake away because some non- venomous snake bites can still cause serious illness. They sometime seen in residential places due to flood in the area and are unable to find their way out. To tell if the snake has been living in your yard or house for some time, you may try to inspect for the presence of shed skin.