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June 2nd, 2016 - Justin Looper - general

How I get my family back by quitting drinking

Quitting drinking

I could not remember since when, I started to drink a lot. I became an alcoholic. I wife and my child left me because of my bad behaviours every time I was drunk.

When I was a child, I could not understand why some people love drinking. However, when I grow up, pressure comes from many places, I live under stress, then I learned to drink. Because when I am drunk, I cannot feel anything. No happy, no sad, and more importantly, no pressure and stress. That’s how I started to drink.

But every time when I was drunk, I say something I do not mean to say and do something makes me regret after I wake up in the morning of the second day. There was one time, I lost my bonus because I did a mistake to my jobs. I was so sad, so I drank a lot that day. When I got home, my wife was complaining why I went home so late. I was so angry and then I beat my wife. When I wake up on the second day, I did not even remember what happened last night. But I found the house is empty, no one is at home. I called my wife and she did not answer the phone. Then I found there is a letter on the dining table. My wife wrote the letter to me. It told me what happened last night, and she could live with me anymore so she left me with my boy.

When I was reading the letter, I could not stop my tears came out. I had never felt such pain in my entire life. I did not drink on that day. I sit on the couch and recall the happy moment we have been together. Suddenly, an idea came out from my mind. Why can’t I just quit drinking? Every time I drink just because I do not have the courage to face the harsh reality. But now I have no choice, my wife and child left me and I have to face it. My life has already been messed up, how hard it could be to face the reality with courage. I decided to quit drinking and get my family back.

I started to exercise. I run for 5 km every night. I also joined a running club and knew a lot of new friends full of positive energy. After that, every time I am sad, I run instead of drinking. During the time, I tried to contact my wife, but she had never answered my phone. After three months, I lost a lot of my belly fat.

And one day, I met my wife and child on a friend’s birthday party. My wife was very surprised big my changes because I never did any exercise. I told her how I miss her and our boy, and I have quit drinking. Then I ask her that would she come, she agreed with tears in her eyes. The feeling just like the day she agreed to my proposal.

If you are suffering from drinking, do not wait until it is too late. Started to do some positive things, you will know how good the life is, then you will never want to drink again.

June 2nd, 2016 - Justin Looper - travels

Skyscraper - I dream to be on top of them.

One of other todo things in my bucket list is to be on top of some Skyscrapers

Sky Deck 88 - Melbourne

Sky Deck 88

Skyscrapers - Gold Coast

Skyscrapers - Gold Coast

IBM building - Melbourne

IBM building - Melbourne.

Skyscrapers - Bejing

Skyscrapers - Bejing

June 2nd, 2016 - Justin Looper - travels

1st time in Sea Life Aquarium - Melbourne

Some of my friend told me, if you live in Melbourne, so you have to go to Sea Life Aquarium once or twice. I put this favourite place in my bucket list. Yes I had a change to visit amazing Sea Life Aquarium today.

Sea Life Aquarium outside

It’s totally stunning when I got inside, a big tank of sharks.

Shark Tank

I love this place, hopefully I will come back soon.